Distribute your reports via a secure environment and follow the industry standard

Follow the industry standard

Provide data in TPT template to any of your insurance clients or their service providers. In case of lack of operational resources on your side, we will build your Solvency II reports and ensure that you meet the requirements of your insurance clients.

Secure data exchange

Have a full overview of your data recipients. Approve specific funds and share classes which they can receive. Apply your disclosure policies by setting the frequency of data updates and possible embargos.

Efficient delivery methods

Make your Solvency II data available to insurance companies, fund of funds or mandated service providers. Set up deliveries to an unlimited number of data recipients. Customize deliveries base on the recipients technical preferences.

Suggested Workflow

Choose funds available for distribution

2. Specify your recipients list

3. Agree on frequency of data updates

4. Clarify disclosure policy and customised legal data aspects

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