Asset Managers

For asset managers, our platform allows you to perform a complete Solvency II data dissemination concept that feeds insurers, service providers (who may enrich your data or provide value added services) and fund of funds with Solvency II data, in a secure and efficient manner. The aim of TPTConnect is to provide an efficient and economic technical infrastructure for the industry and its stakeholders.

The business model is based on a utility framework. Have full control of who gets your data, enforce embargo and disclosure policies. Upload files for free and pay a low per ISIN charge when deliveries commence. We support the exchange of the TPT and other files.




Secure data exchange

Protect your data by using a modern technology-driven solution instead of antiquated or manual deliveries


Cost efficient - utility pricing

Free inclusion of your Solvency II data

Low and fixed per ISIN charge applies when data is transmitted to approved receiving parties


FOFs receiving data

Data access for FOFs is totally free if recipient is mandated by the asset manager


Full control and compliance

Full control over who has access to your data on a per ISIN basis

Compliance with your disclosure policies

Delivery dashboard


Industry standard

15 years of track record as industry data infrastructure

Fully supporting Tripartite standard


Best of breed service

Archive of historical TPT files

Real time information exchange

Service center support




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Q & A


Is there a limit on the number of funds I can store for free?

No, an Asset Manager can store TPT for as many instruments as they wish to.


How do I protect my IP and maintain disclosure policies?

We experience that the Asset Managers prefer to enter NDA’s directly with the insurance company or a trusted service provider. You can grant access when you feel satisfied that you have agreements in place with the data recipients.


What is the price for distribution of my TPT files via TPTConnect?

For the first 50 instruments the price is 200 € per unit, there is a minimum of 500€

For the following 100 instruments the price is 150€ per unit

Above 100 instruments, the price is 100 € per instrument


Price sample 1: The total number of TPT files being maintained is 80 (80 ISINS)

20 have been activated for delivery and

60 are inactive instruments

Total price equals 20 x 200 = 4.000 € annually


Price sample 2: The total number of TPT files being maintained is 800 (800 ISINS)

200 have been activated for delivery and

600 are inactive instruments

Total price equals 50 x 200 + 100 x 150 + 50 x 100= 30.000 € annually


Do I pay per recipient?

No, as soon as you have activated an instrument, you can deliver to as many recipients as you need.


How can we deliver?

For Asset Managers with a limited amount of TPTs we recommend uploading the files via our admin interface individually or via batch upload. For larger amount of TPTs we can offer an API for industrial delivery. TPTConnect can also facilitate individual solutions but this will be assessed on an individual basis.


What happens if we cannot comply with the TPT format?

It is possible to provide other files, but we highly recommend everyone to use the TPT format either as Excel/CSV or in the FundsXML format.


Can I use TPTConnect for receiving TPT files from other Asset Managers?

Yes, if you are a Fund of Funds Manager you can request files, but solely for the purpose of fulfilling the Solvency 2 reporting on behalf of the Fund of Funds. You will not be allowed to use the data for other purposes than agreed to with the Asset Manager.


Do I need to provide TPT files for all instruments?

No, you can freely decide to limit the use of TPTConnect to the relevant amount of instruments, however it does not cost anything to have stored the TPT files as long as you have not activated the distribution and we consequently recommend to have them ready for relevant requests from TPTConnect users.