Reduction of Resources and Costs: 

We are data request and collection mechanism for Solvency II look through data. You can completely outsource your data collection process and reduce your operational resources and receive data in a uniform delivery structure and format.

Not only can we ensure optimal data coverage, our concept provides a low or no cost data solution.


Using TPTConnect for sourcing data

Step 1
Contact [email protected] to specify your list of funds

Step 2
Agree on the fund universe maintenance method

Step 3 Work out your delivery specifications

Step 4 TPTConnect Membership agreement

Step 5 Clarify your NDA policy and your customized legal aspects



Free data access

Totally free access to TPT files when using our standard delivery mechanism. Customized service levels are also available for special deliveries



Reduce operational resources

We perform all collection activities and follow ups, convert incoming formats into one uniform format, and operate as a single source in a centralized delivery structure.



Best business model

We are flexible and create a business and data framework that matches your unique needs. We also help alleviate the use of legal resources with our industry standard NDA approach.



Best of breed technology

We convert incoming files into one uniform format. API delivery available, Customized service levels available, Service support center




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Q & A


Is there a limit on the number of funds I can request for free?

No, as long as the Asset Manager is connected to the TPTConnect infrastructure. If an asset manager is not a participant in the infrastructure, we can inform them of your interest and request their inclusion.


How do you ensure a strong data coverage?

If the data that you are requesting is not already in our database, we will perform a complete collection process with the asset managers, with your mandate. We will also perform follow ups, inform the asset managers about your NDA policies and help to ease the administrative burden of the entire data collection process.


What happens if the Asset Managers do not comply with the TPT format?

It is possible for the Asset Managers to provide other file types, but we highly recommend that all participants use the TPT format either as Excel/CSV or in the FundsXML format. We also facilitate the exchange of other templates, such as EIOPA S.06.03.


Do I need to sign NDA’s with the Asset Managers?

The Asset Manager will typically provide the TPT files for the sole and confidential use for the Solvency 2 reporting. This will in many cases require you signing an NDA with the Asset Manager. However some of our clients are utilizing a standard industry NDA that we have devised and are saving legal resources and avoiding lengthy negotiations.


Can I use a third party service provider for consolidating and processing the reports?

TPTConnect offers to distribute the TPT files to a third party, provided the Asset Manager has approved the delivery and possibly signed an NDA with the mandated service provider.


Can I use the information for other purposes?

No, the file exchange is for the sole purpose of fulfilling the Solvency 2 reporting.


Do I need to receive all files via TPTConnect?

No, certain Asset Managers might decide to provide their reports directly, however we recommend to consolidate the delivery via TPTConnect in order to increase the value of an utility infrastructure for all stakeholders.