Ensure a high data coverage to meet requirements of your regulator

Full coverage of Solvency II data

Request access to Solvency II information from any asset manager on the European market. If the TPT Template for a specific fund is not available, we will set up conversion of any other template delivered by the asset manager to TPT. The data for both - direct investments and FoF, is being collected from relevant managers and included in the delivery to provide a full look through.

Consistency and high quality of the data

Receive data in the TPT template, defined by FinDatEX (Financial Data Exchange Templates).
Identify your minimum data requirements set and we will look into additional enrichment of the data to meet your needs.

Different data delivery methods

Completely outsource your data collection process, reduce your operational resources and receive data in a uniform delivery structure and format. Choose between webservice, sFTP or email deliveries. Adjust the format to your system requirements (xml, csv, xlsx).

Suggested Workflow

1. Specify your request list

2. Choose your data delivery method

3. Agree on frequency of data updates

4. Clarify disclosure policy and customised legal data aspects

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